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  1. Jyothis

    H1B transfer with I140

    yes that should be ok.
  2. Jyothis

    Job changes after I-140 Approval

    Assuming you have enough time left in your H1b, your next employer should be able to file for a new GC. current employer need not file for a new GC for you to get one with your next one. Do remember, GC is for a future employment.
  3. Your employer should have an attorney that takes care of the routine extensions. Have you asked them for advise? H1 extension should be your employer's headache, so it is best to bring it up with them and seek advise.
  4. Does your wife have an approved 140? how are you planning to work on H4?
  5. Jyothis

    Greencard and Employer change

    I usually advise people to revel and worry more about opportunities and great things you could do and let the paperwork takes its own course. As long as you stay legal and yourr future employer files for it and does it right, you should be just fine. if not, you always have other avenues to look at.
  6. Jyothis

    H1B & I140 Job Positions

    Your Green Card processing and H1B are independent of each other. GC process is based on a future employment, so you need not really worry about that. for your H1b, work with your companies attorney when it needs extension to properly file with where you are at that point.
  7. Jyothis

    H1B Visa Stamping Ottawa

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. Jyothis


    It is probably better to consult an attorney and decide this than asking here IMHO. It may be better to file the amendment as the physical job location will be moving, but check with an attorney on that. As for DS-160 filing, it may be better to consider what the employer address will be at the time of interview.
  9. Jyothis

    H1b role change

    As long as your employer works with the attorneys to properly follow procedure and file the required amendments, there is no issues with switching roles.
  10. Jyothis

    H1 B RFE - Denial

    You should be able to switch her to H4 since you have an H1B. if she did not get her status changed or applied for an extension of visa, she may already be out of status. I would recommend working with an attorney ASAP to make sure you get ready for whatever step is needed to be done by the time the decision comes. Better to be prepared than not. Best of luck!
  11. Jyothis

    GC Initial status

    >I heard that they have to start apply labor before 365 days means before April 2016 . Not necessarily. Thats an option for 7th year extension, but as long as your 140 approves before your visa expiry, you should be fine. >Do they need to wait 3 months for advertisement? Yes, there is no shortcuts there. > What if they apply in May / June 2016 ? See question 1. What if the labor approved by December 2016? Good for you - See question 1.
  12. Jyothis

    Parents self-sponsor visa question

    B2 is really self sponsoring the visa. Its mostly not about just bank account alone. They have to show that they have substantial assets and connections back in India that can support them on the visit and causes them to go back. They can get a Chartered accountant to prepare an asset statement to show what they have. If you have good enough balances in your bank here, you can offer to cover the expenses in a letter.
  13. Jyothis

    Re-Visiting to USA in <6Months on visitors visa

    Really depends on the POE officer whether they want to question something or not. If s/he is concerned with the frequency, I would say they can ask questions.
  14. Jyothis

    H1B Transfer-Urgent

    You paying for H1 is illegal - employer should have paid all the expenses for it. Contact an attorney ASAP and evaluate your options.
  15. It is always safer to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) from your local Motor vehicles department. I94 is no longer attached to passport - you can print online after you land in US. Since you are visiting, at least a copy of your passport is good to have with you. do note, the driving is on the opposite side here and laws are much stricter. Follow the speed limits (and some states haveDO NOT attempt to bribe a cop if you are stopped - no joke, I have seen folks try that while visiting and getting into an even bigger hole than a minor violation..