Successful visa stamping in Tijuana


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I want to Tijuana for my h1b visa renual stamping, interview was very quick. Below are the questions they asked me


Q:who is your employer?

Ans: Told name

Q:where do you work?

Ans: I work at client XX, located in Cityname,state

Q:who run your payrol?

Ans: My employer

Q:what you do at your client?

Ans: told my designation

Q:To do the job/designation you mentioned, do you have enough degree?

Ans:Yes, I completed my master's 

Q:from which place?

Ans:told University name, city, state


Verified some thing in system for few seconds, (may be PIMS), given positive nod.

then told your visa approved.


I followed below link to prepare visa documents and Tijuana trip, the experience is almost same mentioned in below link



I live in LA area, so went by car until border, parked  at "Border Station Parking" - 4570 Camino De La Plaza, San Ysidro, CA 92173, this is located at very last exit of USA. Then crossed border  by walk.






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