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I and my wife was travelling, I am working on H1 and my wife was coming here on B1. We both had given our interviews at different stations where I got through with any problem by my wife was taken to secondary level of investigation and had been asked different type of question . It was her 3rd visit in 3 years and every time she had left the country without overstaying. It was grueling and harsh interview where I too was called from outside and questioned seriously. They were trying to put words in my mouth but we both gave same answers that she will be here for short time. At last, they allowed both of us to enter but in my wife's passport they stamped no eos cos aos in i-94. Currently I am in US and planning to go back to India to get my new visa and applying H4 for her. Will this incident can put any sort of impact in our new visa? it will be a year that she has left the country and this time i dont want to take any risk that's why looking for proper H4.

Please suggest.

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