H4 to F1 when H4 is pending for approval


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Hi Guys,

My wife is planning to change her visa from H4 to F1 from her second semester of the college i.e from the month of January 2016.
Her current VISA status is "H4 pending for approval" with my H1 extension. She has got receipt number for the extension applied.
Now the concern is , can she travel to India to get her F1 (student) visa stamped? University will be giving I20 form as supporting document.


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since H4 is on pending for approval, is it required to inform USCIS to not to process further? what will happen if USCIS adjudicate H4 VISA after she obtaining her F1.  If so how and when exactly we need to inform USCIS abou this?

Due to her travel COS petition will be considered abandoned. To be on safer side you can request USCIS for withdrawal of COS petition once she leaves US.

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Hello Folks,

My wife got her H1 (F1 to H1) approved last week and her petition start date is 10/1/2017. 

What is the early date she can go for VISA stamping? In some of the online forum, it's mentioned that person can go to VISA stamping before 90 days of petition start date, is that a correct information?





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