EAD - is it valid with H4-Visa?


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We came into USA an year back on L1-A and my wife came on L2. Subsequently, she applied for EAD and she got her EAD which is valid for the next 1.5 years. I am planning to return to India and come back on H1.

1) My H1B Petetion is approved, need to file for H1 visa when we return to India, does that cancel my wife's L2 Visa which is valid for another 2 years?

2) If L2 is not cancelled, then I believe she should be able to return to US and work based on the EAD till it expires. Right?

3) If L2 is cancelled, does it cancel out EAD as well?

4) If we go for stamping and she comes back with H4 status, will she be able to work based on her then valid EAD until the expiry date of the EAD?

We need to make a decision on this urgently. Appreciate your help in advance.


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