Travel to Canada for 1 week for job training - h4 EAD


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I got my h4 EAD approved and got a job also. But they asked me to come to CaNada for 5 days initially for orientation and then I can come back and work from US office itself. Do I need to take a tourist visa or business visa to stay in CaNada on work purposes for about 5 days?

Or can I go just with my Indian passport and EAD card to Canada and come back to US?

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If you have to go to any country like Canada, you need to have a temporary visa for Canada. Your employer should help you to get that visa and submit an intent of your travel, pay the fees etc.

Once you get an online approval of your Canadian visa, you need to mail your passport to the Canadian immigration services to get it stamped.


If you have an approved EAD, you no longer need a US visa stamped on your passport, in case you have traveling to neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico and your total stay is less than 30 days. Read about Automatic revalidation on USCIS website.

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