H1B Petition Approved - Is it advisable to file for H4 Visa Stamping.


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I am in India and have an approved H1B petition which allows me to work in US from Oct 1st 2011.

However, H1B Stamping is not yet done.

Please advise,if I file for a H4 Visa to visit my husband in US and go for H4 stamping:

1. Will it in anyway affect my approved H1B petition. Will it get cancelled or anything like this?

2. Can I stay in US on H4 till 1st October 2011 and then start working there with my employer (project in US) since I have an approved petiton?

Is it allowed or do I need to apply for a COS or travel back to India and travel to US again after getting the H1B stamped?

3. If H1B stamping is necessary, can I get the stamping done in Canada (travel from US to Canada) or any other place instead of travelling all the way to India?

Please provide your valuable suggestions and help.


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Thanks pontevecchio.

I agree it would be ideal to come over on H1B directly. However, I want to know the other options that can be worked upon in case my H1B stamping, which is dependent on getting a project inturn, is taking a long time to materialize.

Would appreciate if you could answer my doubts stated above.

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