How would pleading Guilty for my open DWI affect my H1-B Immigration Case?


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I have an open  2013 DWI case in the court of Dallas USA , I had to return to India  in 2014 as my Visa Expired while my case was  still open (a big mistake).

I applied for work Visa  H1-B this year (2015), I received Form 221-G requesting "Pls submit all your court documents(copies) with regards to the final disposition of your case in the United States"

I have an approaching court date.

Based on your and my DWI responses I have the following 2 options, pls. suggest which would be best for my Immigration case?

Option 1.


Submit  a) Letter from my attorney explaining my DWI Case b)All the official communication from court regarding my case




Option 2:


 My attorney is checking with me if it would be okay for my Immigration case if I plead guilty now

( From India) .By doing that  he says that I would get the final  disposition letter from the court. \

Pls. suggest if I should do that or not ? could this affect my case in a negative way?


Thanks & Regards


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