I-179 approved- what's next??


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Hi, I am a Canadian citizen living in Toronto but working in the USA under TN visa category. My company applied for an H1B for me which got approved in June. They have sent me a package in the mail which includes the original I-179 Approval Notice along with copies of the documents they sent to Immigration which I am supposed to take to a POE to get stamped. I am very new to the entire process and would appreciate if somone can help answer these questions. 

1. I was told since I have the Approval notice for H1B, there is no need for an interview at the border. If this is true, please advise what sort of questions am I likely to be asked.

2. Similar to getting TN stamped, can I get my H1B stamped at YYZ without scheduling an interview?

3. There is no offer letter part of the package. What I have is the original I-797B form and copies of the forms that were sent to INS in May when we applied for H1B. Similar to applying for TN, shouldn't the package I present to the officer contain an offer letter and I take copies of originals with me? 

Thank you in advance.

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I wanted to give you an update....I got my H1B admissions number on Oct 3rd at Pearson Airport.  I took my form i-797 form and my Canadian passport. The only question I was asked is where do I live, and I said toronto as I have no intentions of moving to the US for now.  The entire process took less than a minute and was all done at primary (I wasn't sent to secondary like applying for TN and no grilling like TN). Thank god for the Canadian passport. I know it's not the same for others. 

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