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1.       My wife is on F1 status. She is about to graduate in August 2015.

2.       Me and my wife got EAD recently which is valid till Jan 2016.

3.       She wants to apply for OPT can she do it without affecting our current EAD. What status will she be in if she doesnot apply for OPT. Will her status be valid.

4.       Should she change back status to H4.




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Not sure why you want your spouse to be on F1 status.


In my case my spouse was on F1 status with her OPT approved when her EAP/Advance parole based of my I 485 got approved. We continued with her OPT till the last day of her employment (You dont have to pay SSN, Medicare taxes while on OPT). We wrote to her school's DSO to update that after the last day of her OPT we will be using her Advance parole. DSO updated her Sevis record accordingly and we were all set.

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