Can I use my EAD n apply for a new h1b

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Hi all

Iam currently on a h1 b visa and

I have my 140 approved with an EAD.

Iam currently on family leave(6 months) and I want

to use my EAD when I start working(as I will be loosing

my current h1)

Do I need to change my status to h4 in

the mean while iam not working or is it ok

to just continue as I also have my EAD ?

Also can I apply for a new h1 through another

employer while Iam working on an EAD ?

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It is incredibly naïve to answer a post from March 10, 2011 in September of 2012. @ admin, Maybe have a system where unanswered questions or even answered questions are grandfathered so that new replies are not possible after say 6 months of inactivity. On the other hand your firm could make sure that no question goes unanswered for more than say 2 weeks by making sure a firm Lawyer answers such questions.

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