Tricky Situation with Address

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My company's contract with my current client and also my apartment lease ends on September 4th 2015. With advanced parole, I will be travelling to India starting Sep 1st to September 30th. My company's leadership is working with client to extend contract until next year so, when I am in India I will know whether our company contract got extended and I need to travel back same location / I will be given a different assignment and location in US.

As I will not have a US address starting from September 5th on my name I was wondering how to handle this. I was told by some that I need to book an apartment on my name for 1 month and decide, someone else told me that I can use my friend's address at my current work location. Can you help me what is proper here ?

My details
GC in EB1C filed by my employer
Received EAD and AP
I-140 and I-485 are in pending status

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Really appreciate your response. I will update AR 11 to my friend's address and once I am back, I will update my address with another AR 11.


As far as Lawyer representation is concerned, I am not aware of it as my company's immigration team has been processing it. Is it something that I need to worry about ?

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