Change jobs during 9th year of H1B?


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My 9th year of H1B visa expires in June 2016. I have an approved I-140 with a priority (EB2) date of September 2012. My PERM was filed under the occupation of Industrial Engineers (SOC code 17-2112).


Currently I am doing a part-time MBA (have two more years left) and am planning to switch my career to a role that is unrelated to my PERM application/H1B labor. 




1. If I switch jobs (both role and company) now, how long will the H1B visa that the new employer files be valid for? Will it be only valid till June 2016 or will they be able to file it with a longer validity period?


2. Is it better to wait for my current employer to file my H1B extension for 3 more years and then try to switch jobs, because it gives me a bit more breathing time to look for new opportunities?

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