Travel on existing H4 Visa with and approved future H1B Visa.


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My wife who is on H4 (with visa validity till Oct 2016) received her H1b this year (2016 Lottery, Masters Quota for I797 starting Oct 2015).


We opted for a consular processing and received her H1B Visa a couple of weeks back from a consulate in India, with a validity starting Sep 21 2015 (Visa stamp mentions 'Not valid until Sep 21, 2015'). As it stands now she is in India and has a H4 Visa (existing) and a H1B visa.  


My question is - can she travel to US on the existing H4 and then post Sep 21, travel to Mexico or Canada and re-enter on H1B so that she can start working on Oct 1st.




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