Husband Passed Away Feb 2015..parents here on B1/B2...Visa extension question


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Hi All,


I have a situation here and need your expertise.


My husband passed away FEB 2015 and my parents are here to support me and my 8 yr old son. My parents have their 1-94 till SEP 2015 and planning to apply for an extension. Not sure if applying for extension would create problems for future. Their 10 yrs visa is getting expired in AUG 2016.And I am also eligible to apply for my citizenship. Few questions I have relating to their B1/B2 extension are


1.Can they stay back beyond SEP 2015 if the extension is still in the process till I hear back on the decision OR do they have to leave the US Sep 2015 no matter what


2. If I do not apply for an extension now can they come back to visit me in Nov/Dec 2015 or say Jan 2016?


3. If they get an extension is it better to wait to apply for their GC after they finish their stay and go back to India probably in March 2016 if they get 6 months extension OR is it ok to apply while they are here?


4. On 1-539 application there is a section which says -  please state how you are planning to support yourself and provide the means, source of the same. So I am confused if it is asking for any related property, pension, incomes documents from my parents OR from me? Can I just mention that in the section or should I need to get a hard copy of them?


I currently am not working. Will that have any problems on any of the situation?


I am running out of time for the 45 day period before application for extension. So need to

make a decision soon. I don't want to create a situation that could be hard for them to come visit me and my son. Will take the right actions as necessary.


Hope to get some help





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Help yourself. Schedule a meeting with the firm of Murthy to discuss specifics. You may not be working. But financial assets do count, House, retirement acct., Life Insurance, social security etc. Once you become a Citizen then you can sponsor your parents and they can show their assets as needed. Sorry for your loss.

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Hi Pontevecchio...thanks for your insight on this. Good to know I can show my other forms of assets.

I saw Myrthy's Law firm and their consultation and representation fee is something I cannot be able to afford now. I will just go as per the law and what's needed at this time.


But in the present situation I want to know will it be any issue if I will apply for their B extension and can they stay until the time I hear on the decision even thought parents 1-94 expires in SEP 2015? And once they go back to India and once I have my Citizenship I will apply for their GC.




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