Eligibility of citizenship application police case


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I am going to consult a proper lawyer for this case but I am posting to this forum thinking there may be similar cases. I have been living in the US from past 13 years all good standing and 4 years back received green card through EB1 (Researcher). Now we are close to qualify for citizenship application and one unforseen problem has arised.


A police case was filed on my wife by her ex-sister-in-law (brother-in-law's ex-wife) in India. My first question is-is it required to disclose this in citizenship application for my wife? The police case is a bogus case but it has to take course of law to be judged in court. With Indian law system it may take years to resolve so it is advised to only apply for citizenship when the whole matter is cleared? 


Any experiences with this type situations are very helpful for already tormented us :).



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