I-140 Approved / Changing Employer

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Hello! I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from the US and I am currently employed at 'Employer A' on an H-1B VISA. My I-140 immigrant visa petition filed by my employer (under EB2 category) has already been approved. That means that the priority date for my petition has now been locked.

Just recently, I got an offer from another employer ('Employer B') and I am planning on taking that offer. I have the following questions:

1. Can Employer B pick up my application where Employer B has left without affecting the priority dates??

2. If Employer B is unwilling or unable to continue my Greencard application for whatever reasons, can I move forward with the application on my own? If so:
    - Can I retain the priority date from my current employer?
    - What are the steps involved?
    - How much cost should I expect to accrue?



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