Incorrect date stamped on I-94 when entering with Advanced Parole

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My wife and I entered USA in July 2015 using EAD/AP.  At secondary inspection, the CBP agent put the "until" date as March 2016 inside both our stamps on I-94. Our EAD/AP cards are actually valid until March 2017.  This looks like a mistake.

1. Does anyone have experience with this kind of a mistake and how to get it corrected?

2. Does the passport stamp take precedence and should we request for EAD/AP renewal again in 2016 itself? 




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Thanks jairichi and pontevechhio. 

Jairichi,  I94 expiry date is same as the one stamped on passport "Advance paroled until March 2016".

No, passport does not expire by March 2016. It is there until 2020.


Pontevecchio, I'm so confused because different people are telling either way. I contacted an attorney and he says like you did that EAD/AP card controls but when I spoke to a CBP representative, he kind of tells that my attorney needs to contact them.  He does not answer my question either. 

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