Anyone in Ottawa ,,,waiting for passport with visa stamp??


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hello all. I got email last night from CSC and also loomis telling that my passport is in mail but they told that it will be a few days before it can be picked up. But today am I got update from CSC system along with waybill letting me know that I can go pickup. I just came to richmond and picked up my passport. My original interview date was 16th in Vancouver, but they actually interviewed me on 23rd (because of the DS issue). Hope this helps. Thanks!

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@ shivanimma : hi there. Did you got your passport please share the next step and I have submitted my PP on June 25th ( at Ottawa ) and status changed to issued from admin processing on 25th around 4 pm and no email from either embassy or loomis, so please let me know when I except email to pickup Passport. Thanks in advance

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Hi, i had interview today(29th June) in ottawa (original interview was on 15th June, but was asked to reschedule because of system issues). Got 221g :( due to further review needed on my case. so I am stuck here for some more days. 

      I am living very close to the Ottawa embassy in downtown Ottawa. In case anyone else stuck here like me, contact me... I have a additional bedroom in my hotel which can be used by another person (its good for a small family too). We can share the cost of the room. 

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