I-94 Name Correction


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My I94 first name is showing as my (First Name+Middle Name)without a space. Like,

First Name: ABC

Middle Name: XYZ

then the Name on I94 and ultimately on SSN is coming as ABCXYZ. My Passport Given Name appears as ABC XYZ

Please let me know how can I correct the name on I94? My Port Of Entry was Chicago and I am currently in Collegeville PA.

Thanks so much.

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Thanks for your reply.

I did fill the I94 form before landing in Chicago which was my POE. But the name of the form is not coming correct. The first name and middle name is coming without space. That's because I didnt keep a space between them due to insufficient blocks on the form. Now, I wanted to correct it. How can i do that? Will it be possible to do from CBP Office in Philadelphia?

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