H1B with valid EAD but lost job


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I'm on valid H1 status, but havent used my EAD yet (valid EAD). My EAD expires on end of April & had already applied for renewal.


I'll be out of job in a week,


Can i still stay in US till i get another job? or should i change my status to EAD to stay legal?


Appreciate any help...

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EAD is not a status.

Your pending I-485 keeps you legal if you are no longer in H1 status.

You can just use the EAD to work.

Of course, if you have dependents on H4 who can't file an I-485, then you would need to find a new job on H1, so that their H4s stay valid.

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Thanks for your responses.

I understand I cant stay legal, if i'm in H1. but its legal (till i get a new similar job), if I had already used my EAD.


I could use EAD to get the new job. Any options to change my status from H1 to EAD (till i get a new job)?

My dependent also has a valid EAD, but she is in H4 status.

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