Query on re-issue of I-94...URGENT


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hi friends following is my situation:

1> Came to US on H1B in Feb2011 on Company A sponsorship but lost my job in June.

2> Got offer from company B, in July2011 and company B has filed for my H1 transfer as consular process since I was OOS for about a month.

3> Now my new I-797 has come without I-94 as expected and I have been told by company B attorney that all I have to do is a turn-around i.e go out of the country and immediately get in again where I will be issued a new I-94 based on company B I-797.

However I have the following questions:-

q1> Don't I need to get my visa re-stamped again at any consulate? since my current Visa has company A name on it.

q2> Can I simply cross the border at mexico side by foot and re-enter US with my OLD VISA & NEW I-797 ( i.e Visa from company A & I-797 from company B ) and get a new I-94 issued with company B name on it.

q3> What are the chances that I wont be allowed to enter back to US??

q4> Can my family accompany me in this process?

I would really appreciate if anybody can answer my queries at their earliest.


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Hi Pro10,mahimanch5

Can you guys update what happened with your status,Did you guys went to mexico and got new I-94,If so how was the situation there and what questions did they ask,Is it trouble going out to mexico and come back with new I-94.Please update me,If any one of you can give your contact number would really be appreciated.

I am in similar kind of situation and need to get new I-94 soon.

So any kind of suggestions would be appreciated.

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