B1 Visitor visa after 10 year ban


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I went to US on a F1 student visa in 2001 attended uni and moved to a community college without an I20 and was reported by the university to CBP was detained in 2002 and entered into removal proceedings - On Jan 2004 i was granted volunteer departure but following month i was issued with an I20 by original university tried to reopen the case but the judge denied my motion on Jun 20 since I was living in New York at the time and my proceedings were held in Minneapolis i had to wait further 2 days to get my passport reissued back to me to leave US - On Jun 22, 2004 I went to NY INS(USCIS) office collected my passport and returned back to Pakistan - Since than I had moved to UK graduated and now hold British Citizenship as well.

Since i was never given any documentation regarding my case how do I obtain one using FOIA request to CBP or USCIS? to establish if there was a ban imposed on me? and for how long the ban is for 3-5-10 years?

Since i do not have any criminal conviction only breach of immigration law visa violation now its been 11 years and I never tried to re-enter US or applied for US visa. Will I be eligible to reapply for a visit visa on my Pakistani passport or travel to US under VWP on British Passport now.

I really appreciate your help in responding to my question.

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