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Hi there,


My wife has got an invite to attend an premier international seminar in US for which she would be applying for B1 Visa.


However, the organisers are not sponsoring her travel and she would manage her stay and tickets herself. However,  she doesnt have a regular salary or deposit withdrawal transactions in her bank account, neither she is filing an income tax returns. She does have fixed deposits(term deposits) in the bank amounting 9 Lacs.


In this case should she fill Self as Sponsor or She should put my name as Sponsor in DS-160.

I can help her with my bank statements, IT returns and Salary slips.


I would appreciate a quick response Thanks !!.




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In general, depending on the financial ability of the applicant, s/he can be a "Self" sponsor. As long as one is able to establish his/her ties back in the home country clearly, affordability for the trip and justify attending the seminar / conference and how this will benefit the applicant back in India, s/he should be fine. It is important to remember that B1 applicants are subject to home residency requirement under section INA 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Should your wife require any assistance with her B1 visa application, she may chose to consult with one of the attorneys at Murthy Immigration Services Private Limited. More information available on www.murthyindia.com.

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