H4 Renewal aftering staying in india for one year..


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I came to india last year march(2010).my i-94 expired in may(2010).Before visiting india my husband applied for extension..so we got new i-94 till april,2011 as my husband's 6 yrs completes in april,2011..so i came to india on my old i-94.now my husband applied for i-140 and h1 for 3 yrs both have been approved..so now am thinking to go for h4 renewal..now my questions are..

1. as my two i-94 expired will there be any problem in h4 renewal?

2.and as am staying in india for more than one yr the visa interviewer will make any problem regarding this?

3.what are the documents i need to take with me for h4 renewal?

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