Dependent EAD and AP - Traveling to India

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I have dependent EAD and AP (combo card) valid till 2nd Feb 2015.


We have applied for renewal on 1st Nov.


My husband went to India in Dec. And I am working in US and I have to visit India.


I am planning to go to India by this month end and return next month.


If I get new EAD/AP then I am good to go.


If I do not receive new EAD/AP till the time I leave US, what are my options?


Please help.

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    I would suggest that you postpone your travel unless its an emergency. If your renewal application is still pending and if the officer observes that you left country. They may treat it as you abandoned application. Unless you are on your valid H1 and you could secure a stamping you may not be able to re enter US.


  I am not an immigration law expert but would suggest you consult one.

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