7th year extension for physician


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Dear forum members,


Currently, I am in my Fifth year of H1b. I am doing my fellowship in Cardiology. I have used up three years of my H1b doing medicine residency and currently in 5th year (midway) of H1b. I will finish my fellowship and H1b of six year in June 2016.


what are my options to extend my H1b beyond six year? My fellowship program (and most teaching programs) does not sponsor Green card. one of my collegues is also in the same situation and she applied for NIW. I believe it is EB2 NIW. 


My spouse had her I 140 approved (and thus three additional years of H1b) and I was hopeful for her and thus my GC but she had to quit her previous employer due to family situations and her previous employer does not want to further support her GC. So that pathway for getting GC seems to be closed.


I do have solid CV with research background but I do not think thats enough to get eligible for EB1 GC process.


Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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