expired I 94 bcs of PP expiry date- pending 485 and valid h1b


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Hi Friends, 

here is my situation 

Passport expired on Nov 15 2014 and got my new passport now 
I 94 on my old passport expired on Nov 15 2014 

When i last visited India, CBP officer specifically mentioned that he would provide I 94 up to PP expiry date and i should go to local CBP office with my new PP to extend the I 94 until my H1 validity. 


I have a pending 485, Valid EAD, and a valid H1B (applied prior to previous U.S entry and valid until 2016) and i am currently continuing on my H1B status. 

Below seems to be SFO CBP office address, Anyone went thru similar situation? Do i just need to drop by to this office? Please let me know if you see any red flags

U.S. Customs and Border Protection 
630 Sansome St. Room 1185 
San Francisco, CA 94111-2280 

Thank you 

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I have called up CBP office today morning and they suggested me to cross border as my I 94 is already expired.


Do you feel that i should be okay to cross Mexico border with expired I 94? As mentioned above, i have valid H1B and stamping until 2016. I also have EAD/AP combo card, but don't want to use them.


lessons learned: apply for new passport well in advance of your passport expiration date :-)


Thank you


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Additional update:


- I went to San jose airport and they said that they can't handle the situation as my I 94 is already expired.

 - In addition they said i am staying illegally and i should leave the country


I am planning to fly down to San diego over the week end and cross the border.


1. Do you see any issues in crossing the border with Expired I 94 (expired on Nov 14 2014 along with my passport)?

2. Should i follow I 94 line while crossing the border or should i take a different line?


Thank you


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