Planning to go US visa Stamping in Matamoros, MX, qstn about mexico visiting visa ???


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Hello guys,


I am planning to go for US H1b visa Stamping in Jan 2015. Do I need mexican visiting visa to travel to Matamoros, MX ??


If I dont need a visa how long I can stay in Matamoros, MX ??


can some one please reply so that I can plan accordingly.


You will given permit for 72 hrs to enter mexico with out Mexican visa, although its best would be to have visa as you don't need  look around to get Mexican visitor visa once you are out of 72 hr while your stay in mexico, find near by Mexican consulate and its costs around 36$, most you get your visitor visa in 2 hr to 1 day depends on your local area Mexican consulate. 

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