I-94 not issued when returning from Canada after H1b renewal stamping (traveled by road)


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I recently went to Canada for H1b renewal stamping. I drove to Canada. I returned back to US in 3 weeks (withing 30 days) after stamping was completed. 


I drove back to US (n 28th Dec) through the Lewiston Bridge near Buffalo, and at the Border, the officer scanned our passports (myself, my wife and daughter), looked at our I797C approvals.  The officer did not stamp on the passport and returned the passports.


So I asked him about the I-94 issuance, and he said the I-94 attached to my I-797C can be used as my I-94. He also said they have electronic records.

So I did not argue too much and left. 


Now, when I try to retrieve my I-94 information online, it says "I-94 Information: Not Found" .


Now I am confused as to what the actual process is regarding issuing I-94.


If a I-94 was issued, there should be a record online, which is not the case.


My questions:


1) Would this trip fall in automatic re-validation since I was back from Canada within 30 days? And is that why I was not issued a new I-94?                


2) As per my understanding, if I get stamping done, Automatic Re-validation does not apply. Is this true? 


3) Should the officer have issued a new I-94, or the one on my I-797C is the one they ask us to use as I-94? (If automatic re-validation does not apply)


Anyone who drove to Canada for H1b stamping please share your experience. 

Any help appreciated.







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I went for H1B renewal along with my wife and came back by Road... and The standard procedure is to cut the i94 part from i 797 keep it with them and then give a new paper I94 and usually they stamp on the new i94 and then on one page of the passport.. with date of your i797 expiry on it .. and once its done .. with in few min you can check on this URL https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html where you can see an Online copy of i94... I did check mine even before leaving from their office and it was updated right away... 


Note... if you have previous passport... check to see iff they have stamped it on old passport.. if not the best bet is to contact your attorney.. All the best

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