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  1. Hi One of friends family is in trouble... Need experts suggestions Husband is on h1 with company x from 2013-March 2016.. Wife had her H4 visa till March 2016... Husband after one year moved to another company who refiled his H1 ...So his H1 validity was till Jan 2017... but he missed to renew her H4 ( Which is a HUGE MISTAKE )... how ever they did apply her H4 EAD which is valid till jan 2017 , They didn't realize this till yesterday... and now she is out of status ... They cannot file her renewal now as she has passed 180 day time frame or something like that which I am unsure ...and adding to this they had a Baby who was born about 1 week or so... Too many things ... Experts please advise... Thanks RJ
  2. may be 2 -3 weeks via mail
  3. raaj786

    ds-160 question - Urgent

    Use Internet explorer while filling out ds160
  4. Yes.. as long as you have all the paper work it shouldnot effect ur case.. just select Yes and state Additional documentation was needed .. visa was denied on first attempt.. additional documentation was taken for 2nd attempt and was approved in the year XXXXX
  5. just to let you know ... My H1 trip to Canada lasted only 4 days...So drove to canada on Monday and came back by Saturday
  6. Nil, I went for H1B renewal along with my wife and came back by Road... and The standard procedure is to cut the i94 part from i 797 keep it with them and then give a new paper I94 and usually they stamp on the new i94 and then on one page of the passport.. with date of your i797 expiry on it .. and once its done .. with in few min you can check on this URL https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html where you can see an Online copy of i94... I did check mine even before leaving from their office and it was updated right away... Note... if you have previous passport... check to see iff they have stamped it on old passport.. if not the best bet is to contact your attorney.. All the best
  7. raaj786

    Passport Renewal with expired VISA

    I would recommend going in to consulate as they will check all documents before accepting application.. so you will be covered
  8. raaj786

    Passport Renewal with expired VISA

    I was in the same scenario .. and I did nt submit No status Affidavit...I would recommend going in to consulate as they will check all documents before accepting application.. so you will be covered
  9. raaj786

    My 221G Experiance in Jamaica

    Congratulations Brother... Good Luck for the Folks who are planning for Jamaica
  10. Hi All, First of all thanks to murthy forum and its members... I been following the forum closely ever since i had decided to renew my H1 Visa... Model = E-V-C Type = H1 Renewal & H4 Renewal ( for my wife ). I had attended my 1st H1 stamping in Ottawa as well in 2012... and came here for H1 Renewal.. of course this time accompanied by my Wife.. Day of Interview : - As many had previously listed in their posts.... Entered the consulate after initial screening... 1) An officer will check you in after checking your DS 160,I-797 , Passport and Passport picture on the Document.. If the Passport picture used on DS160 or the passport pics that you carry must be taken with in 6 months.. if its more than 6 months old.. they are making you go outside and get some new pictures taken .. so be prepared and come with latest passport pictures 2 ) Window 7 - This Officer will check your Passports, I-797 and will keep those with her in a file and will issue a token number and wait for your turn 3) Window 6 - You will be called by your token number to have your finger prints taken and this time your token will be taken and your file that officer in Window 7 has taken will be given back to you 4) Officer at Window 6 will take those and provide them to the Interviewing Officers..and wait for the token num to be called .. Interview : - VO = Good Morning Me = Good morning Officer VO = So you work for this XYZ company Me = Yes officer VO = Since When ? Me = 2011 VO = What do you do for them ? ME = Roles and responsibilities... just said 1 line and he cut me before i finished that line itself.. VO = You stated in your DS 160 about your Masters Degree ... Where did you attend the School ? ME = Name of the School and Location VO = How long have you been working with this Company Me = more than 3 and half years.... ( he smiled ) followed by the Golden words.. Currently waiting on passport pickup.... Some Important Tips :- 1) If your'e Driving into Canada from US.. make sure to have a Normal GPS other than Smart Phone Apps... once you enter Canada.. You will be have Roaming issues 2) Once you Enter Canada via Drive... at the POE of Canada... Some times the officers at the Drive through will let you IN Canada without any issues but most times you will be asked to go inside the building and see a Immigration officer and who will ask more questions like Where are you going to Stay, DS -160 Confirmation Pages, Appointment Confirmation, Passports and I-797.. make sure to keep them Handy when you enter the POE 3) There is lot of PAID parking available near Embassy .. metered parking valid for 2 hours from 8:30am- 5:30 PM at $.25cents= 5min ... or you can park in those parking Garages for all day $9 ...and walk to embassy. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions ....my email is listed on my profile... GOOD Luck to ALL... Thanks
  11. raaj786

    Can we go to H1B Stamping in Canada

  12. raaj786

    Canada Embassy Passport return NY

    (41st street & 40th street) must be mentioned
  13. https://usvisa-info.com/en-ca/selfservice/ss_country_welcome this is the correct link
  14. You can do it online.. they made it lot easier by doing it online.. once your application is approved you need to send your passports..
  15. raaj786

    DS 160 questions

    1) Have you ever been ten printed ? I dont remember this ? What should I mention Sugg : Usually You will have finger prints done the very first time when you have applied for US VISA... Most of us would have it done.. I would say YES...Irrespective of what you say I guess they will take your Ten again in the VISA when you go for the Interview 2) job duties : I have a new job and am not sure about job responsibilities other than the technology . Does this have to be accurate ? Yes.. They have to be in Sync with what you have in Resume , in LCA ....Most of the times there will be a question asked on this.. 3) Previous education/work experience ? Should I mention education details from 1st grade onwards. Highest Degree.,., Bachelors, Inter & X ... Working Exp.... Should be as per your RESUME that your going to take to Embassy... 4) Engineering, inter , school start date & end date ? I dont remember these details correctly . I dont see them in my certificates too.. Is it ok if I can mention the approximate month and date. I have the year and I should be fairly close with the month too.. Approx dates should be good enough 6) Have you travelled to any countries in the last 5 years. I live in the US and travelled to india 2 times in the last 5 years. What should I mention here ? Mention all travel dates ... look on your passport for exact travel dates .. or visit this link https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html and select travel history....