Counselor processed H1-B visa

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Hi All,


I have query regarding my H1-B (consular processed) validity.


Currently, I am in USA on L2 visa and possess EAD.  I was working with employer X and they have processed my H1-B in consular process and my H1-B visa is approved and I got the petition as well however my H1-B visa did not activated.I never work with employer X on H1-B status. Now I got separation from employer X due to some budgeting issue, So now here my question is that. My H1-B visa is still valid for any other employer to buy? If yes, Is there any specific time period that H1B should get buy out and activated?


Can you please answer my query and share all the related information. Currently I am working with other employer on L2-EAD status.


Your response is really appriciated

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