B2 Visitor visa cancelled at PoE but allowed to enter USA


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My mom visits USA on B2 visitor visa and she is not very fluent in English. She got a 10 year Multiple entry visa and has visited the US atleast 5 times, never overstayed or violated in any way. This time when she entered, she was asked when she is planning to return. She spoke generally and instead of saying the date of her booked return flight, she said 2-3 months. Now this irked the officer who mentioned that she is lying and her return is booked for 4 months and so he is going to let her enter this time but cancelling her visa. One thing we are not 100% sure is if he was just joking or serious. My questions:
1. The visa stamped on Passport does not have a cancelled stamp. How do we verify through a link or email or something if her visa is still valid?
2. If indeed it stands cancelled, could we renew B2 visa using the drop off facility (to not appear in person for visa interview)
3. The odds are always 50% for new visa issue but I would want to know under such circumstances, what are the odds for visa renewal?

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