H1B Cap Exempt Stamping_With Negative Previous SSN Credit History


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My name is Arun I worked in US under H1B visa from 2005 to 2008 and returned to India for good. Now I got my H1B approved again under Cap exempt and waiting for H1B stamping in India. After returning from US I have used my credit card and didn’t pay back. I think it should have negative impact in my SSN Credit Check.

Will this affect my current H1B stamping? How should I check on this, can you advise me on this ASAP.




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SSN has nothing to do with credit checks, Credit card companies are private companies.

If you are working for a consulting company, you may find it hard to get projects if the client does a background check.

You may also find it hard to get an apartment, car, etc., because apartment complexes, car dealers and others do run credit checks.

Fulfill your financial obligations!

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