L1 to H1 conversion after 7 years on L1


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Hi Everyone,


Could you please provide suggestion on below case-


I'm completing 7 years on L1 visa in Apr 2015. Apr 5th 2015 is my max out date for 7 years. I'm planning to leave US before Mar 31st 2015. 


1. Can I apply for H1 visa in 2015?

2. If I can apply H1 visa in 2015 Cap, can it be applied with future dated petition start date (April 2016, which is one year cool off period for me) 

3. Do I need to be outside of US for one complete year to travel back on H1?

4. If I can't apply H1 in 2015 cap, will I be able to do it in 2016 if I leave US after Mar 31st 2015.



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