Child Greencard process with NA3 admission

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we parents have greencards , baby born in India and POE at Atlanta , USA when baby was lessthan 2 yrs . Submitted all documents to CBP officer and 

entered into USA, CBP officer said that he will send packet to USCIS office. But never sent and lost packet and taken several infopass appointments to track the packet no luck, Infopass sent another packet with the same documents to TSC center for creating a record. It is showing in USPS tracking number that it is delivered but TSC, Lockbox , NBC, were telling that they were not received anything. 


Taken several appointments with Infopass and they are saying they are not able to find any info of the baby by his details or by mother details in the system. Baby admitted with NA3 Alien registration with one year validity. CBP officers not created any record of the baby  in the system when we were in Airport/POE. I have taken this issue to Ombudsman too but no reply from them. 


They stamped in baby passport :  “NA3 ALIEN Child Admitted for Lawful Permanent Resident without Immigration Visa in Accordance with 8 CFR 211”


Now baby crossed 2 yrs and not sure whom we should approach to create a baby record and assign him an Alien registration number and create a permanent record for his class of NA3 admission.

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