2013 W2 < LCA but Changed Emp in 2014 & now W2=LCA: Solutions?


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Hello Guys, 


My friends W2 (2013) was LESS than LCA by around 11k and i know its an issue. He moved to a different employer in 2014 and now payments are according to the LCA.


Since its time to get stamped next month, the risk is VO digging up the old 2013 W2 and trying to compare it with ??? 


My friend also went to vacation outside US for 2.5 months but even after pro-ration of that since outside USA h1b time is not counted, he is falling short by 11k on W2.


How much of 2013 mess will be digged up and anyone else here who have faced similar situation, kindly advise?


Answers such as "VO can ask for anything/anytime" are of no use, if YOU HAVE faced such situations or know someone who has will help..thanks !

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