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  1. ottawa_rocks

    H1B stamp - took break from job due to accident

    Well....rahul412....why aren't you whining ..!
  2. You are a fraud desi trying to fool others, desi will always go to Canada/Mexico and no amount of your **** will change it.
  3. ottawa_rocks

    which consulate has highest success rate

    Canada is a disaster, 29 (221G) reported in last 20 days...your best bet is India or Paris Consulate.
  4. Guys, 4 folks received 221G back-to-back in 1 day at Jamaica and ironically all went to the same deadly counter #14 where a white lady made sure that no matter how good the answers/documents etc are...they were outright given 221G 2 cases F1 to H1b 2 cases h1 to h1 renewals Questions: 1. Why is your W2 lower than LCA amount? 2. Why did you do another masters' when you already had one? 3. Why did you change employer? 4. Show 797/I-129/LCA/Pay-stubs/Employer Letter Will post more details as received. Guys @jamaica; please don't hide and come out in the open to help others, there are many folks sitting in there for weeks with 221G's ....please help others !! It's only we all who can work together to help each other...nobody from the other parts of the world cares.
  5. ottawa_rocks

    Deadly counter#14: 4 (221G) in 1 Day@Jamaica

    Thank you Krishna for correcting me, it was counter #18 and not 14 ! Where did you go to? Are there 5 VO's now? 3 Ladies (1 Curly hair 45 yr old, 1 good looking young lady, 1 regular middle aged lady , 1 korean guy, 1 american white guy)? Thanks..!
  6. Raghu = fine with DOL and his EMPLOYER is in VIOLATION with Uscis for not paying as per the I-129 promise.
  7. ottawa_rocks

    H1B stamping rejected in India - Next steps

    Did this case ever get resolved? I know folks who have misrepresented false docs at consulates to obtain stampings.
  8. ottawa_rocks

    Kingston, Jamaica interview on Dec 29, 2014

    Please share your emails?
  9. plz share your contact info (atleast update email addresses in your profiles).
  10. Did anyone of you got stamping done and what all Q's were asked?
  11. ottawa_rocks

    Salary in LCA Diff than Paystubs

    Thats not a problem, thats an ADVANTAGE !
  12. I disagree with your statement, an employer can be in compliance with DOL and in violation with USCIS, so in that case you cannot complain to dol.
  13. Thats extreme levels of scrutiny, thank your GOD every second of your life, you are one of the RAREST CASES to get approval after such an IN-DEPTH look at your so-called june or whatever july month of 2013....this is INSANITY...Canada is COLLAPSING after Jamaica....this world is coming to an end...phew....!
  14. Haha...yeah man i agree that people with approvals are "be confident" preachers. Client Letter being mandatory is a myth as cases have been reported where an email from client saying "NO we don't issue" has helped people get stamps but only after a painful 221G and i want to avoid that at all costs possible...thanks for your inputs.
  15. ottawa_rocks

    is there any recent Approval 's in Jamaica from DEC

    tHATS not 100% correct because even if you did not get cancellation email for rescheduling later and you booked before oct 31, you can go !
  16. ottawa_rocks

    Salary in LCA Diff than Paystubs

    you are a lucky guy because your salary>LCA, problem is when salary<LCA
  17. ottawa_rocks

    Anybody for Jan 6 Canada Vancouver

    Fine you have booked BUT do you have a client letter? If not, are you READY to risk everything by getting 221G?
  18. ottawa_rocks

    H1 Stamping Done in Vancouver - 18'th Canada

    ADarshbbm, clearly you were over confident because u r working for Sony Corp or Universal Studio's or Entertainment Partners in Southern California region. Were there 2 windows where initially you were 1st asked to submit your client letter, employer letter and then finally you were presented in front of the actual VO? Thanks...!
  19. ottawa_rocks

    H1 B visa approved @ vancouver

    Would appreciate if you can respond?
  20. ottawa_rocks

    H1B Visa Stamping Vancouver

    Are you in EC model? Is your employer an american staffing company?
  21. ottawa_rocks

    Successful stamping @Vancouver

    Thanks for sharing , its weird that you have to go every year for visa stampings...thanks to 1 year h1 approvals recently. Have you seen VO's asking for client letters there for h1b renewals?
  22. ottawa_rocks

    Did anyone go for stamping in Dec (F1-H1)?

    looks like 2 weeks from the day of the interview.
  23. ottawa_rocks

    Did anyone go for stamping in Dec (F1-H1)?

    Jaya, please share your email...update it in your profile.
  24. ottawa_rocks

    is JAMAICA still a JOKE? 221g's reported !

    Thank you dear KHR for a lengthy yet very informative response, staying in 2 weeks from the appointment date to passport in hand seems costly but from what has been observed, candidates in Jamaica have not been asked for docs, so thats a big reason of jamaica becoming the number 1 choice and visa on arrival automatically qualified for a cheap desi destination. So now the cheap factor of come and go is gone and it all boils down to : 1. 221G clearing timelines: you are saying several weeks 2. PP in hand from the second VO says "approved" = 5 business days 3. How hard are people doing h1b renewals being grilled there without client letters? Looks like consulate is not crowded anymore, thanks to jamaican rule of Oct 31,2014. Please share more details about OTHER EXPERIENCES that you have seen in there...would be of nice help if you can update your profile with your email...thanks !
  25. Hello Folks, So we have been hearing some fake posts about Jamaica here recently: Venkat777 says the embassy is not delivering passports for 30+ days. Another guy is saying do NOT come here, we are starving, stuck with 221G's, its a nightmare and what not. Bigger Question: HOW MUCH OF THIS IS TRUE? Why do some desi's go into the loop of spreading false rumors? How can we help each other by providing real info when such scammers are wasting their energy on forums? Let us help each other for a common cause. Thanks all !