Dec 17 2014 - Ottawa - H1 Renewal - Successful


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Hi All, 


First of all thanks to murthy forum and its members... I been following the forum closely ever since i had decided to renew my H1 Visa...


Model =  E-V-C

Type  =  H1 Renewal & H4 Renewal ( for my wife ).


I had attended  my 1st  H1 stamping in Ottawa as well in 2012... and came here for H1 Renewal.. of course this time accompanied by my Wife..


Day of Interview : -


As many had previously listed in their posts.... 


Entered the consulate after initial screening...


1)  An officer will check you in after checking  your DS 160,I-797  , Passport and Passport picture on the Document.. If the Passport picture  used on DS160  or the  passport pics that you carry  must be taken with in 6 months.. if its more than 6 months old.. they are making you go outside and get some new pictures taken .. so be prepared and come with latest passport pictures


2 )  Window 7 - This Officer will check your Passports, I-797 and will keep those with her in a file  and will issue a token number and wait for your turn 



3) Window 6 - You will be called by your token number to have your finger prints taken and this time your token will be taken and your file that officer in Window 7 has taken will be given back to you 


4) Officer at Window 6 will take those and provide them to the Interviewing Officers..and wait for the token num to be called ..



Interview : -


VO  = Good Morning 

Me  = Good morning Officer


VO =  So you work for this XYZ company

Me = Yes officer


VO = Since When   ?

Me =  2011


VO =  What do you do for them ?

ME =  Roles and responsibilities... just said 1 line and he cut me before i finished that line itself.. 


VO = You stated in your DS 160 about your Masters Degree ... Where did you attend the School ?

ME = Name of the School and Location 


VO = How long have you been working with this Company 

Me = more than 3 and half years.... ( he smiled ) followed by the Golden words..


Currently waiting on passport pickup....


Some Important Tips :- 


1) If your'e Driving into Canada from US.. make sure to have a Normal GPS other than Smart Phone Apps... once you enter Canada.. You will be have Roaming issues


2) Once you Enter Canada via Drive... at the POE of Canada... Some times the officers at the Drive through will let you IN Canada without any issues but most times you will be asked to go inside the building and see a Immigration officer and who will ask more questions like Where are you going to Stay, DS -160 Confirmation Pages, Appointment Confirmation, Passports and I-797.. make sure to keep them Handy when you enter the POE


3) There is lot of PAID  parking available near Embassy .. metered parking valid for 2 hours from 8:30am- 5:30 PM at $.25cents= 5min ... or you can park in those parking Garages for all day $9 ...and walk to embassy.



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions email is listed on my profile...


GOOD Luck to ALL...







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Hello Raaj


I got my interview done on December 16th  in Vancouver.

Visa has been approved and consulate officer told me passport will be available in 3-5 days.


so far i dont see any update on below website after logging in.


Have you receive any notification to pickup passport from Loomis ?


Let me know if you get any notification. I will do the same




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