H1 rejected with INA 212(a)(6)(C)(i) but my GC in process I140 approved in 2010


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My H1 visa got rejected with INA 212(a)(6)©(i) in May 2014 but my GC filed in 2009 and I 140 approved in 2010. I'm living in India after my H1 rejected and I dont get H1 visa in future also.


Can I still eligible for GC? How can I apply I 485 from India? Appreciate you for your advise. 





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Your only hope to avoid inadmissibility for ever is to get a waiver . Hence I strongly suggest you get a Lawyer involved.

Excuse me but what waiver are we talking about here, and why would this guy be inadmissible? If he was caught producing a fraud document in embassy, for sure he is banned for 10 years, but other than that why CAN't his employer file for Consular Processing when the SO CALLED 2010 EB2 dates will become current? Perhaps you should sleep because its NOT going to happen before July 2016

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