H1B transfer to new employer


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I am working with company 'A' and got an offer from company 'B'. submitted my resignation from company A, currently serving notice period of 2 weeks, last date is 21st Nov. Company B has already applied for the H1B transfer and currently with USCIS but didn't receive the receipt number yet but they told I will get it soon. My joining date in company B is on 24th Nov.


I am negotiating with another company 'C' and would like to join C if i get that. But apparently it will only be confirmed after 24th Nov (after last day in current company A).


Q1. After I join company B on 24th Nov, Can company C initiate H1B transfer, since i will be having only H1B transfer receipt from company B during this period not an approved petition.


Any other suggestion to deal with this situation will be very helpful.




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