wrong category for depenedent


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Hi there,


i have / had an approved 140 with my previous employer with priority date aug 2011. 

my husband and i changed jobs and right now our employer is the same. 

our current employer filed 140 for my husband with EB1 category ( priority date may 2014 ) and was approved.

so, they filed 485, 765 and 131 for him and added me as a dependent. (they did mention about my previously approved 140 in eb2 category) 


when we both got our receipt numbers for all three above mentioned applications, everything looked fine for my husband but my receipts showed my old eb2 category and old priority date.


then, i brought it up to the lawyer and he got in touch with uscis and has a case number / ticket number for the error. 


a week ago, we got confirmations for my husband that his 131 and 765 are approved. 

but my case shows no updates. i checked with my lawyer for an update regarding the ticket number. no response from uscis. 


everytime i check with my lawyer, i think he sends an email to CS at USICS and he gets no response. 


at this point, is there anything I could do or ask my lawyer to do ?


Thank for your thoughts. 



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