H1B to H4 conversion


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Hello All,


My wife came to US with H4 stamped which expires on Aug 2015, in the mean time while she was on H4, she found job, and her employer applied H1B petition. Petition got approved, and she started working from last year Oct onwards. Recently she went to India, initially she thought of getting H1B Visa stamped in India and again start work here in US. Because of some reasons she decided to not work any more, wants stay on H4. I am wondering does she needs H4 stamping again?. She already had valid H4 visa until Aug 2015.

The reason why I am asking this question that I was heard that as soon as H1B petition approved H4 Visa will be invalid and she has to go for H4 stamping again if she wants to come back on H4.
In order to avoid issues while entering to USA, please help me out.
Thanks a lot.
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