Want to travel with AP - Question about working on EAD/H1 after using AP


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I have AP and EAD valid until Oct 2015, based on pending EB I-485. My H1B petition is valid until June 2016, however my I-94 is valid only until mid-September 2015 due to my Indian passport expiring in Sep 2015. The H1B visa stamped on my passport already expired in Sep 2013.


I would like to travel to India in Dec 2014 and return to US in Dec 2014. I will be in India only for five days, so I don't have the time to stamp H1B visa. I would like to use AP to return to US. My question is that if I use AP to enter US, would I have to work on EAD henceforth or would I be able to continue working on my H1 status even though I used AP to enter US? Please let me know. 


Thank you.

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