GC & EAD with AP Card Production and mail issues


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My Spouse and I entered US on L1, L2 visas respectively. I started working after I received my L2 EAD (valid till May 2016). My spouse's company filed our I-485 together with I-765, I-131, I-140 in EB1 Category

Both of our I-765 & I-131 went to card production in the month of August and my spouse received EAD card within a week, but I haven't received my card till date. After a month of I-765 going into Card Production staus, we filed change of address for all of our pending applications(Both I-485, my I-765 and I-131). 25 days later, our I-485's got approved and we received our I-797 Approval Notices to new address. My spouse received her Green Card within a week to new address, but I haven't received mine till date. 

I visited USCIS Field office and spoke with an Immigration Officer, there seems to be issues with my Bio-metrics and need to be retaken.

My EAD with Advance Parole was mailed on the same night I gave my second Bio-metrics. However it as mailed to my old address in spite of my case updated with new address. 
USPS returned my EAD card as "Undeliverable as Addressed". My Green Card is still in Card Production Ordered status. Raised Service requests with USCIS, emailed Texas Service Center requesting to resend my EAD card to address on file and mail my Green Card. I am waiting to see progress on my cases.

Given my situation, what is my current work authorization status? Am I allowed to continue to work?


Thanks in advance for viewing my case and answering.

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