Can I change my employer immediately after entering US?


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I did my Master's in US and worked 28 months on OPT through a Consultancy firm. The same Consultancy filed for my H1B petition and it was approved. However, USCIS denied COS and I didn't receive I-94 card. USCIS advised me to leave the country and go for H1B stamping to re-enter US. I left US in XXX month (2014) when my OPT (status) was expiring in 30 days and have all the pay checks till that period.


When I went for H1B stamping, the VO put my case under administrative processing. After 5 months, I got clearance and received passport with H1B stamped on it. During this period, my employer didn't run any pay roll for me as I was out of country and didn't have any valid work permit (OPT or Status). My employer told me that he can't run pay roll for me as I am not on vacation with valid H1B status nor I have valid OPT to work. I am travelling to US next month on valid H1B visa with the same employer.


Question 1: Can I change my employer immediately after entering US? I have more than 3 pay checks in the year 2014 as I was working on OPT and none on H1B status. Also, I don't have any pay checks for the last 5 months when I was out of country. Please note my 28 months OPT employer and H1B employer is same.


Question 2: If No, when is it  possible to change employer?


Question 3: Can't I use my OPT pay checks to change my H1B employer?



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