Questions about traveling out of country while on DUI probation


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Hi All,



last year june i was arrested for DUI. now i finished all the requirements and a tiny bit of unsupervised probation left.

iam planning on a trip to india soon.i will need h1b stamping.

will i face any delays getting stamped ? how long can this take? 

is it better to wait until i finish probation or is it the same even when i finish it?

anybody out there who got stamped while on probation?

My criminal attorney says there will be no issues. 



please help



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You will most likely face delays though some have reported shorter delays. You will need to undergo some medical evaluation and tests in view of the DUI. Make sure to confirm from the Criminal Lawyer that you have permission to leave the court jurisdiction. Also please be aware that keeping an Immigration Lawyer onboard will also help.

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Thank you for the response. can you let me know if its better to wait until i finish probation or is it the same even when i leave before completion?

 also is it required to submit them original court documents during interview or copies would be enough?
appreciate your response 
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As long as if you are in unsupervised probation you can travel after getting permission letter from the court. 

My cousin is works with DUI attorney Los Angeles and he too told me that you just need court’s permission to travel. Just ensure that you plan everything well in advance so you have enough time to apply for it.

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