L2 Visa needs adminstrative processing


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Hi, I had my L1-B visa interview (With my Kids and Wife for their L2), Where as my L1-B and my Kids L2 got approved and my wife's L2 was marked 'needs adminstrative processing' and were given a blue slip. 


The officer had asked her specifically was she ever arrested during her previous L1 Visits to US? For which she answered No. But after the interview we did remember there was a instance where she carried rice and was stopped at port of entry(During her last L1 US Visit) and she paid $300 fine and was given an slip and it says ‘Notice of alleged violation’, and regulation violated mentioned is 7CFR319.75. 


She didn't mention this in her DS-160 as well. will this cause any issue interms of her L2 Visa? we are confused, should we send in this documents to someone or how to go about this?



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