H1B- 6 Years Limit


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Am giving complete picture so Question might be long....


HI ,

My First L1B VISA approved from 27-JUL-2010 to 25-JUL-2013


  • USA First Visit -07-AUG-2010 to 05-JUL-2011
  • USA Second Visit - 08-OCT-2011 to 21-APR-2014

          second trip I94 valid till 07 OCT 2013.In second Visit I filled L1B I94 extension on 04-OCT-2013.USCIS asked for some more info. I Filed RFE on 23-DEC-2013.I applied L-H Conversion after my L1B RFE submission.L1B EXTN got denied on 11-APR-2014.With my L1B denial I returned to India on 19-APR-2014...

After Reaching India I came to know my H1 got picked.Now H1B status is approved from 1-OCT-2014 to 09-NOV-2016...

Here are my questions related 6 years time limit....

1.With above mentioned entry,exit criteria Is my six years limit got over by 09-NOV-2016 ????


2.If I travel back to U.S before 19-APR-2015 ( 1 year after my last U.S exit) Can I extend H1B beyond 09-NOV-2016

3.If I travel back to U.S after 19-APR-2015 ( 1 year after my last U.S exit) my six years time will be resetted ????

3.keeping Visa Interview date in India after 19-APR-2015 will help to reset 6 years clock ????



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