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My wife and myself did not have Birth certificates earlier. As BC is required for GC I485 filing, i was able to get one from the Municipal office just last month after my parents were following up for a month or so. However, since it is a delayed registration, my BC has recent Date of registration Sept 2014 while my DOB is Oct 1982. Same issue with my wife's BC as well.


1. As this is a genuine BC issued from Municipal authorities, can we submit this? or do we need additonal documents along with the delayed BCs? If yes pls let me know what are the additional documents required


2. Should i submit these addtional documentation right away or wait till i get an RFE?


Feedback from anyone with a similar situation or heard of similar issues and got thru approvals will be highly appreciated.

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You need to submit this BC + 2 to 3 birth affidavits due to late birth registration. OR you could submit BC now and submit 2 to 3 birth affidavits when you get RFE.


In my case, as my birth was registered after almost 25 yrs later, I submitted BC + 2 birth affidavits when I submitted I-485 this Sep. 

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I was born in 1983 and my birth was registered in 1987. The municipality iffice said they wont be able to give a NABC as the cert is available. And USCIS would not accept this birth cert, 


The 2-3 affidavits that you are talking about - who should be giving them? mom/uncles/govt office?



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